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Introducing our Amazing Team


Collette Doyle

Nominated Supervisor

Educational Leader

Co-Director and Teacher of Group 2

Collette was appointed Co-director in January 2007.  Collette spends many weekends up at her farm with her family surrounded by horses, cattle, dogs and guinea pigs. Collette has worked in primary school, kindergarten and child care settings since1992 and has a Bachelor of Teaching Primary and Graduate Diploma of Early Childhood.

Madonna Nielsen

Co-Director and Teacher of Group 1

Madonna was appointed Co-Director in Jan 2013 after several years as a full time Mum and relief teacher. She is very passionate about Early Childhood teaching and is also interested in sewing, making things and photography. Madonna holds a Diploma of Teaching and Bachelor of Education Early Childhood.


Cheryl Cumberland

Group 1 Educator

Cheryl was appointed as a Group 1 Educator in 2013 and lives in a country farmhouse. Cheryl’s interest in working with children was inspired by her own boys’ education at a C&K kindergarten. She is a lover of all things old and vintage and has a gorgeous online store that sells vintage wares. Cheryl has worked in both kindergarten and primary school settings and has a Certificate III in Children’s Services.

Belinda Walker

Group 2 Educator

Belinda began working at Roderick Street Community Kindergarten and Pre-school in 2017. She is very passionate about Early Childhood Education.  Belinda loves to spend time with her family and enjoys travelling. Belinda has two beautiful dogs and 2 cheeky cats. Belinda has worked in both child care and kindergarten settings and has a Diploma of Children's Services. 


Julie Craig

Administration Officer

Group 1 and Group 2 Educator

Julie works both in our office and on the floor as an extra educator. With the help of her family, Julie cares for injured and sick wildlife. They are very lucky to live on property and have many different pets including horses, goats, sheep, chickens, dogs, cats and birds. Julie loves spending time with her family outdoors and they enjoy camping, fishing and Sunday afternoon picnics. Julie has a Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care.

Our kindergarten is managed by a team of dedicated committee members, elected at our AGM each February.
The Creche and Kindergarten Association of Queensland provides invaluable support and encouragement to both the staff and the committee. We also have a paid cleaner, groundsman and book keeper.

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